The Specialized Translators team

My name is Alessandra Vita and I’m a passionate and experienced conference interpreter and translator based in Spain. I specialize in corporate communication (marketing, law and business) and Big Data, working with the following language combination: 

  • Spanish < > Italian

  • English < > Italian / Spanish

  • German > Italian / Spanish

If you need a language service in other fields of expertise and languages, such as French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Arabic, etc., don’t worry, I can still help you.

That is because I am also the founder and manager of the translation and interpreting company Specialized Translators, with outstanding translators and interpreters all over the world, with different language combinations and areas of specialization. Our philosophy is offering clients nothing but premium quality, and that is possible only when your translation and interpreting service is in the hands of the best language professionals specializing exactly in your field.


Simultaneous Interpreting

Would you like me to interpret (orally translate) in a booth during the speaker's speech?

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The speaker’s words are interpreted at the same time as they are spoken. Interpreters work in a sound-proofed booth and the audience can listen to them via headphones.

As this task requires extremely intense levels of concentration, interpreters work in pairs and alternate every 20 or 30 minutes. 

Although this type of interpreting requires booths and technical equipment, it is the most effective interpreting method for events with many participants and multiple languages such as international conferences or television events.

Liaison Interpreting

Would you like me to interpret (orally translate) a meeting between two or more people speaking two different languages?

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The interpreter works in both language directions, facilitating the dialogue between the participants. The interpreter relays the target-language after very short messages.

Liaison interpreting requires no special equipment and is predominantly used during negotiations and discussions of various kinds (interviews, technical seminars, etc.).

Consecutive Interpreting

Would you like me to interpret (orally translate) after the speaker's speech?

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While the speaker talks, the interpreter listens carefully taking some notes and provides the target-language version only afterwards (depending on the speaker's preference, idea by idea or after up to a max. of 20 minutes).

The advantage of consecutive interpreting is that it requires no special equipment or technology and generally leads to high-performing results. The disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and better suited to smaller groups and events such as after-dinner speeches or official events.


Would you like me to translate a written text from one language to another?

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Typical translation work includes general documents, films’ script and subtitles, websites, softwares, certificates, contracts, technical manuals, technical translations in various specialist areas, conference documentation, literary works and much more. In any case, you should not even be able to tell that it is a translation when reading it!

For a precise quote, please send the original file to Translations are charged per source word, according to the language combination, degree of specialisation, file format (there is a surcharge for non-editable formats such as PDF) and deadline.  

Certified or sworn translation

Nobody likes bureaucracy, but if the right person helps you deal with it effectively it will not be that stressful after all!

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All documents to be produced before an official body or a State authority (universities, prefectures, municipalities, consulates, etc.), namely to obtain official documents (residence card, application for citizenship, etc.), generally require a certified translation.

Thanks to a close collaboration with certified translators of different language pairs, you will not have to worry about it. Just e-mail me the scanned file, specifying which country and body you need the translation for.

Editing & Proofreading

Make sure your texts and translations are 100% correct and well written.

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Editing is the revision of the translation with correction of mistranslations, omissions/additions, as well as language errors in the target language. It is carried out by comparing the target text to the source text.

Proofreading, instead, is the revision of a text that is performed without reference to the source language (i.e. in case of a translation) to correct typos and similar errors.


Multilingual website

You don't need a web developer, a web designer and a translator. I have a simple global solution for you!

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Would you like a brand-new responsive multilingual website? Or you already have a Worpress website and would like to have it translated into other languages? Then I am the person you were looking for.

Thanks to a close collaboration with Intermedia VS, I can develop your website according to your taste and indications, manage your content and SEO, and translate it into several languages.

If you already have a website, you can forget about exchanging a large number of files you want me to translate. Just take a couple of seconds to grant me access and your website will soon be available in different languages. Simple, isn't it?


Communication Management

Do you need to get in touch with someone, but the language is a barrier? No problem, I can write or call on your behalf!

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Would you like me to contact on your behalf a potencial client, get an appointment, etc.? Very simple!

Get in touch with me, explain the situation and provide me with the contact data of the person in question.



Small is the new big! Thanks to a reliable network of professional translators and interpreters I can make your life really simple.

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Even if you have a very big urgent project or you need help with several languages I do not work with, I can still help you! I work closely with other excellent and trustworthy colleagues of different specialisations and language combinations.

The main advantage? You can forget about the additional high commissions agencies charge. Your money will directly translate into quality!

Why a professional?

“It takes more than having two hands
to be a good pianist. 

It takes more than knowing two languages
to be a good translator and interpreter.
” F. G.

What is the recipe of a quality service?

A good quality translation or interpreting service is the sum of:

  • • language proficiency
  • • cultural knowledge
  • • technical competence

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish!

Invest in the international future and good reputation of your business.

Why not an agency?

Small is the new big!

You cannot but benefit from dealing with only one reliable and committed freelancer.

What can I offer you an agency cannot?

  • • Immediate reply: you will hear from me within a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 8 hours! Test it!
  • • Direct and friendly contact: during the entire process, I will be the person taking care of your needs. No middlemen!
  • • No commission: forget about the additional commission agencies charge. Your money will directly translate into quality!
  • • Reliable network: in case you need help with extra languages and specialties I do not offer, I can still take care of it thanks to a close collaboration with very reliable and professional colleagues.

Are we a good match?

Only win-win situations wanted!

Not every client looks for the same service. Not every service provider can work with any client.

We should definitely work together if...

  • • are looking for a long-term partner, rather than a mere service provider.
  • • are looking for a problem-solver you can delegate to and trust 100%.
  • • are looking for a premium quality service.
  • • understand the value of a professional work.
  • • are willing to invest in all of the above.


Alessandra is a pleasure to work with and I would do so again anytime. Her translations are of the highest quality and she never misses a deadline. One of her key strengths is communication – keeping her clients informed of progress and ensuring every step is clear.

Alessandra has been working with us for several years. We are very glad we can rely for our translations on such a reliable, punctual and flexible professional, who is always eager to find with us the best solution for any case. Apart from that, we have established an amazing personal and human relationship with her during the years. I definitely recommend her to everyone!

Alessandra is a scrupulous and extremely competent translator. She translates the texts we assign to her in a very reliable way and also with a very quick turnaround, which is key for our company. Thanks to her professional services, we were able to make important business contacts in the South American market.

Working with Alessandra is a real pleasure. She is very professional and always exceeds our expectations by constantly going a step further. The quality of her work is outstanding and I completely trust her. She always delivers on time and has become a key pillar for my department.

It was a great pleasure to work with Alessandra during an event with the press my company organised in Madrid. A real attentive and dynamic professional. An interpreter that is sensitive to the situation, as well as to its contents and participants, and is able to adapt herself accordingly in a proper and effective way, carrying out her job faultlessly. I strongly recommend her.

Alessandra acted as my interpreter and general factotum during a speaking tour in Europe for HSM. As well as being a charming and lovely person, she was very efficient and dedicated to making my trip run as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend her, based on my experience of her work.

I had the pleasure to work with Alessandra during some management events we have organised in Milan and Madrid, among which several editions of the World Business Forum. Alessandra has been working as a liaison interpreter for our most important speakers. She is a reliable, professional, dynamic and very skillful person, who is able to combine all these qualities with a wonderful smile and contagious friendliness. Working with Alessandra is, indeed, a pleasure and a quality assurance.

Looking for a language service?

Contact me

I will be glad to help you!

Alessandra Vita

Translator & Interpreter for Italian, Spanish, English and German

Alicante, Valencia and Madrid (Spain)


Tel. (+34) 689 659 118

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